Portugal Partner Country Concept

As the Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE 2022, Portugal presented a short movie at the Opening Ceremony held at the Hannover Congress Centre (HCC) on the 29th of May. António Costa, Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic, and Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, attended the ceremony.

The film Portugal Makes Sense leads to the discovery of Portugal through the cardinal points of the astrolabe in alignment with the logo created for the Portuguese participation in the Hannover fair.

The astrolabe was a precision instrument crafted in metal which was perfected by the Portuguese at the beginning of the seafaring Discoveries in the 15th century, contributing to a considerable scientific advance at the time.

This is how globalisation 1.0 began in a technological leap that brought people together and opened new markets. 500 years on, the astrolabe expresses well the role played by HANNOVER MESSE, which continues to set the trend for the future in the industry, successfully reinventing the world every year.

The astrolabe represents Portugal’s past, present and future, leading the way to the (re)discovery of a modern, innovative country, where talent and technology take the country to a new level.

This film is promoted by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency and produced by OCubo, a Portuguese company specialising in artistic works and large-scale cultural events.

Watch the full video here