There are countless smart city programs and projects that are emerging around the world and completely transforming the paradigm, especially urban spaces, with the great goal of responding to current problems such as climate change, economic crisis, and social issues. But what is meant by Smart City?

A Smart City, or smart cities, are those that, supported by the latest information and communication technology, aim to define, implement and promote more sustainable strategies, as well as make use of natural and human resources in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and tourists in urban and rural spaces, make cities self-sufficient, and combat climate change. A smart city aims to be able to respond in real time to different challenges, promote solutions and create new markets.

Aicep Portugal Global is launching an international Smart Cities digital campaign to promote national projects with the aim of attracting international investment, making known the innovation anchored in initiatives related to smart cities that have been implemented and developed by more than two dozen Portuguese cities and municipalities.

The narrative of the digital campaign follows consumer and communication trends and is based on the values that differentiate and promote confidence in the international market, such as Sustainability, Know-how, Authenticity, Quality, Design, Innovation and Customization.

The campaign is born under the brand identity Portugal Makes Sense, created to ensure that the perception of Portugal as an innovative country, creating projects to improve the quality of life of citizens and contribute to a more sustainable future with neutral impact on climate change, was transparent and evident.