HANNOVER MESSE 2022: Portuguese companies and officials invest in a strong presence

More than 100 companies from Portugal have already registered for HANNOVER MESSE 2022 to showcase their industrial capabilities with technology and cell clusters in equipment and metalworking, mobility, automotive, aeronautics, textiles, technical plastics, moulds, production technologies and renewable energies.

Under the motto “Portugal Makes Sense”, Partner Country Portugal will present products and solutions for digital transformation, energy transition and reliable supply chains to show German and European companies why it makes sense to minimise risk by sourcing from, outsourcing to, innovating with, and investing in Portugal.

The purpose of the seminar “On the way to Hannover” was to prepare Portuguese companies for the fair and share the most relevant and practical information for the commercial success of the participating companies.

The speakers at the event were the Chairman and CEO of AICEP, Luís Castro Henriques, the President of the Board of AIMMAP – Association of Metallurgical, Metalworking and Related Industries of Portugal, Vítor Neves, the President of the Board of AHK – Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Markus Kemper, the Director of International Relations of HANNOVER MESSE, Marco Siebert, the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, and the Secretary of State for Economy, João Neves.

According to the Chairman and CEO of AICEP, Luís Castro Henriques, the Portuguese participation at the HANNOVER MESSE’22 as the Partner Country represents the recognition of the competitiveness of Portuguese companies and industry.

Portugal makes sense at the world’s largest industrial fair because it has talent, is an excellent partner for German industry, and is a good investment destination. Above all, Portugal is an excellent source of innovation”, says the Chairman and CEO of AICEP.

Luís Castro Henriques continues by saying that “it is time to take advantage of our notoriety at the fair to position ourselves, do business and surprise the German Mittelstand with an innovative offer and as an industrial partner with innovation and know-how. We want companies to present the best innovative solutions, technology, response capacity, and success stories with German partners worldwide. This is the time to sell well and a lot and bring good results for Portugal.”

Vítor Neves, President of AIMMAP, states that “at the HANNOVER MESSE 2022, AIMMAP is committed to promoting and organising the collective stands of Portuguese companies in the specific segments in which Portugal will be present: Engineered Parts & Solutions, Energy Solutions, Digital Ecosystems and Automation, Motion & Robotics.” Vítor Neves believes that this commitment was successfully achieved and noted. The proof is that there are already 110 Portuguese companies registered at the fair, which will showcase the best projects and solutions.

Markus Kemper, President of the Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce – AHK, said that “the over 110 companies that will be at the fair will go there to present their products and services, win new customers and do business. In this context, the thematic meetings held by AHK and AIMMAP with the support of AICEP and HANNOVER MESSE have been playing a key role in preparing the participating companies.”

Markus Kemper added that “these companies are ambassadors for Portugal as they are the country’s business card on the main stage that attracts visitors from all over the world.”

According to Marco Siebert, Director of International Relations at HANNOVER MESSE,“being the Partner Country is an opportunity for Portugal to present itself to the world with technological solutions and innovative industries and find new partnerships and investors. The fair will allow Portugal to establish its profile as a nation to the world of global industry and acquire benefits for companies.”

“It is difficult to find another venue in the world that brings together so many potential customers from all over the world. For that reason, Portugal must take this opportunity to get new clients and do business”, he said.

The Secretary of State for Internationalization, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, noted that the fact that Portugal is participating for the first time as a country partner at the HANNOVER MESSE, at the invitation of the German government, “is an act of recognition by German industry of the maturity and importance of the competitiveness of Portuguese industry.”

According to the Secretary of State for Internationalization, “this is a new opportunity for national companies and Portugal, and we must know how to take advantage of it. It is a unique opportunity for national affirmation with the main industry players, for strengthening the involvement of national supply with European and German companies and for attracting foreign investment to Portugal.”

To close the event, the Secretary of State for the Economy, João Neves, said that “we are going to have an excellent participation with the commitment of all, companies, public and private institutions, and the government itself, in the sense of taking advantage of what it represents to be at a fair like HANNOVER MESSE and as a partner of it.”

João Neves added that “we want to use this fair as a mechanism to build an economy and an industry, a system that has greater competitive capacity in global markets, namely in those that are central to our growth. And, therefore, being at the fair is not only the affirmation of our trajectory, of the pride of our capacity, of the recognition that we already have of that same trajectory, but to build from there mechanisms that can influence our presence in the value chain of the products where we are present or where we aspire to be present.”

The Portuguese participation in the world’s largest industry fair mobilises 110 companies from the Engineering, Energy, Digital and Automation clusters in an effort coordinated by AICEP and co-organised with AIMMAP and AHK to present Portuguese industry to the German Mittelstand and the international buyers present at the event.

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