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11:00GMT+1 Hannover Exhibition Center

The HANNOVER MESSE’22, which had the largest ever participation of Portuguese companies, closes today, June 2nd. At the Closing Press Conference Portugal will give a closing speech.

17:30GMT+1 Portugal Central Pavilion

Meet the winners of the second edition of the annual German-Portuguese Journalism Award, which distinguishes journalistic texts published in Portugal and in Germany about the culture, society, economy and politics of the other country.

18:30GMT+1 Portugal Central Pavilion at HM

At Partner Country Night there was time for music, food and lots of fun.

15:30GMT+1 Hannover Exhibition Center

Conferences Portugal Makes Sense

16:00GMT+1 Portugal Central Pavilion

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, and the Minister of Economy and Maritime Affairs, António Costa Silva visited the Portugal Pavilion at HANNOVER MESSE 2022.

15:30GMT+1 Portugal Central Pavilion

The main topics of the Portugal-Germany relationship provided the theme of a cycle of “Portugal Makes Sense” conferences attended by dozens of entrepreneurs and the main government officials responsible for economic management.


Opening Walkabout of the Exhibition grounds and Official Opening Partner Country exhibition (Hall 2) with the presence of the German Chancellor and the Prime Minister of Portugal.

09:30GMT+1 Portuguese Halls

Starting at the Pavilion of Portugal, Prime Minister António Costa and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz officially opened the Hannover fair today visiting Portuguese and German companies from the most representative sectors of activity.

18:00GMT+1 Hannover Congress Centre

The Opening Ceremony of HANNOVER MESSE took place on Sunday, 29 May 2022, at 6:00 pm, at the Hannover Congress Centre (HCC). The German Chancellor and the Prime Minister of Portugal attended the event.

15:00GMT+1 Kuppel Room, IC HM Exhibition Center

Prime Minister António Costa met today with the Portuguese businessmen participating in the HANNOVER MESSE ’22, at the Exhibition Centre.

12:00GMT+1 Press Center HM

Around 70 journalists visited the Pavilion of Portugal (Hall 2), and were welcomed by AICEP Chairman & CEO, Luís Castro Henriques. Journalists also had the opportunity to visit the companies in the Portugal Pavilion.

11:00GMT+1 IC Lounge HM Exhibition Center

AICEP Chairman & CEO, Luís Castro Henriques, was present at the press conference marking the start of HANNOVER MESSE 2022, which took place this Tuesday, 24 May, in Hannover, to present Portugal’s participation as a partner country.

09:00GMT+1 Braga, Aveiro, Sintra

Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa will meet with national entrepreneurs participating in the world’s largest industrial fair.

09:00GMT+1 Dr. António Cupertino Miranda

The seminar “On the way to Hannover”, held on 20 April in Porto, served to stabilise and share the most relevant information for the commercial success of the companies participating in HM’22.

10:00GMT+1 Portugal Embassy in Berlin

The Ambassador of Portugal in Berlin and the President of AICEP will host a press conference at the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, following the preview conference on HANNOVER MESSE ’22 that took place on March 16th in Hannover.