Portuguese participation at HM’22 will strengthen the position of the Portuguese industry in the European value chains

The 2022 edition of HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s largest industry trade fair, which takes place at the Hannover Exhibition Centre from 30 May to 2 June, will be one of this year’s most defining business events as it has resumed the face-to-face format in a post-pandemic context.

For 109 participating Portuguese companies, their presence in the world’s largest industrial technology fair and showcase of global innovation means a privileged opportunity to present to the international market – and the German Mittelstand, in particular – innovative products and advanced industrial production capabilities, focusing on mobility solutions and technologies supporting sustainability.

Under the motto Portugal Makes Sense, Portugal will attend the HANNOVER MESSE 2022 with a strong exhibition presence, reflected in four pavilions: a Central Pavilion and three Satellite Pavilions.

The Portuguese participation will highlight three areas of focus: Engineered Parts & Solutions with 69 companies at Hall 3, Energy Solutions with 13 companies at Hall 13, and Digital Ecosystems with 15 companies at Hall 5. Portugal will also be present with 13 companies at Hall 9 for Automation, Motion & Drives.

This participation will present companies of excellence, namely in the sectors of equipment and metalworking, mobility, automotive and aeronautics, textiles and technical plastics, moulds, production technologies, digital technologies, and renewable energies.

“Portugal’s participation at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 will reinforce Portugal’s image as a country supplying products and services in the industrial value chain, expand the participation of Portuguese companies in the value chains of German companies and attract industrial investment projects to the country”, says Luís Castro Henriques, Chairman and CEO of AICEP.

According to Castro Henriques, “Portugal is not merely of touristic value. Right now, over 30% of Portugal’s export of goods comes from metallurgy, machinery, tools and transporters, automotive, equipment.”

Luís Castro Henriques also says that “Portuguese talent in general, especially in engineering, is not only technically competent, but it is also competitive for a multinational company, allowing companies in the German Mittelstand to deal with different teams around the world and with different scenarios, which will be reflected in the increased productivity of their company.”

Concerning the theme of sustainability, the CEO of AICEP states that “In 2020, Portugal was the fifth country in the European Union with the largest share of energy from renewable sources. In 2021, 60% of electricity consumption in Portugal was produced through renewable resources. Portugal is a great country to invest in, featuring a clean environment and sustainable solutions.”

The CEO of AICEP appeals to the German Mittelstand to know that Portugal’s main asset is talent and to understand that “if they want to go further in a competitive matter, with innovation, technology and engineering capacities, they have Portugal as an option. That’s why Portugal Makes Sense.”

As the Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2022, Portugal will have a privileged location in the enclosure of this international fair, presenting a common exhibition concept to the four pavilions and the stands of the Portuguese companies, identifying the Portuguese offer in the fair.

The Portuguese Central Pavilion, located in Hall 2, at the main northern entrance to the fair, will be the official hub and centre of all the activities related to Portugal’s status as the Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE.

Portugal will showcase products and solutions developed and produced in Portugal, with Portuguese talent, in Portuguese companies, highlighting the technologies used, particularly in the areas of green Hydrogen, Smart Cities, Smart Materials, Smart Manufacturing, industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, among others.

The Central Pavilion will also have the testimony of major German companies operating in Portugal, presenting products and solutions developed and produced in Portugal with Portuguese talent.

A Conference Programme will also take place in this Pavilion during the four days of the fair, as well as the Partner Country Night, a networking event on the 1st of June.

The Portuguese participation at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 is organized by AICEP – the Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency, in partnership with AIMMAP – the Association of the Portuguese Metalworking Industries, and with the AHK – Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Portugal – Germany economic relationship

Germany is an important economic partner for Portugal. It is the third-largest customer of Portuguese goods, and about 600 German companies have chosen Portugal to settle and invest in.

According to data from the Portuguese Statistics Bureau (INE), in 2021, Portugal exported goods to Germany worth 6,998 million euros, up 9.7% from 2020. The Portuguese imports from Germany in 2021 totalled 10304 million euros, an increase of 13.4% compared to 2020. The trade balance of goods is profitable to Germany by 3,306 million euros.

By product groups, machinery and equipment are the most exported to Germany, with passenger cars and other transport vehicles also standing out. Portugal mainly buys machinery and equipment, chemical products, vehicles, and other transport equipment from Germany.

The trade balance of services is favourable for Portugal, with the exports reaching 2,826 million euros in 2021 and the imports from Germany amounting to 1,292 million euros (INE data).

Why Portugal

In recent years, Portugal has shown to the world its capabilities in the areas of Industry, Trade and Tourism, increasing exports in volume and value, and attracting more and better investment. Despite the obvious effects caused by the pandemic on the world economy and in Portugal, the industry has not stopped, and the country remains open for business. In 2021, the Portuguese economy grew 4.9% according to the Bank of Portugal data.

Today, Portugal is a competitive, innovative, and attractive country, with the 3rd highest rate of Engineers in the EU, a high English proficiency level (ranking 7th in the English Proficiency Index 2020), as well as one of the highest levels of peace and stability (ranking 4th in Global Peace Index 2021 and 10th in Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism 2020).

Portugal is an international technology centre that is open to foreign investment. Located at the southwestern tip of Europe, Portugal is a strategic crossroads to Africa and the Americas and features great quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and high levels of security, political stability, and sustainability. More than 550 German companies operate in Portugal, where they find a well-educated, multi-lingual workforce of problem solvers who have an appetite for innovation in engineering and research.

Portugal’s excellent infrastructures, telecommunications, and quality of life attract visitors and companies from all over the world. The production of Portuguese goods is characterised by their quality, authenticity, and exclusivity, which is why they are highly sought after by well-renowned international customers.

With almost nine centuries of history, Portugal is also a sophisticated and forward-looking country where sustainability is a priority and an industry concern.

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