Automation, Motion & Drives

EST's main activity Industrial Electricity, namely in the areas of medium tension (Sub-Station), low tension (Illumination and Motive Power, Emergency Groups and Power Factor Correction...), Electrical Boards, Automation and Systems, Instrumentation, Structured data networks and Climatization, EST tries to develop, in partnership with its suppliers and clients, the best technical and economical solutions that satisfy their needs. The result of this effort and diligence is made evident by the number of technical partnerships developed with entities which are well-known both nationally and internationally.

Facts about this company

Since its inception on 11 April 1990, EST performs by compliance with the rules of good practice and within the high standards of quality. We provide cost-effective solutions because we understand that a certain work is not exhausted in its execution, being our objective to reduce to the maximum the costs of its exploitation. Our delivery of solutions extends all over the world! Internationalization is a watchword for EST. Beyond Portuguese borders, we are in Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Angola, Colombia and Uruguay.
EST, as a service provider in the area of electricity, develops its activity in the subsector of Industrial Electricity. Endowed of a set of tactics and a highly specialized organization, EST offers its customersall services necessary for the use, supervision, and control and monitoring of electrical installations.


Rua da Granja, 10 B - Boa Vista,
2420-397 Leiria
(+351) 244 850 900